Compliance and audit services

Mirai® Compliance and audit services

Legal outsourcing has gained a lot of relevance in Corporate India today. Whether it is for setting up an organization, or to comply with the requirements relating to various laws associated with running a business organization, the complex web of Indian legal system necessitates organizations to look deeper into their level of compliance from a prevention perspective.

With Corporate Governance and Sustainability gaining importance today, organizations are seriously exploring the possibility of building a robust compliance department or outsource the compliance function in to the safe hands of compliance practitioners. Mirai® provides the platform for the businesses and the practitioners to build a mutually beneficial business relationship.

For the MSME ( Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises), the need to outsource compliance stems from the need for quality than costs. And Mirai® offers a boquet of services to this segment.

We offer the following services

  • 3rd party compliance audits – especially for companies who have huge manpower outsourced to temporary agencies
  • Payroll and payout mapping in outsourced manpower, and the compliance adherence. Limiting the risk from a Principal employer perspective
  • Audit of compliance of wages to statutory requirements
  • Due diligence mapping
  • Audit perspectives to compliances
  • A post event that necessitates outsourcing of compliances


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Case Study

Case study 1 : 

Compliance audit of staffing vendors for a large bank

Client is a large Bank which had a huge manpower on the temporary staffing mode with a few service providers. Client engaged Mirai's services to do a climate study on compliances and the manpower framework with its vendors. Mirai worked on a specific audit that ensured that the Client, as a...

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