Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll today, like any other business, has become extremely competitive. A business without the right value proposition competes as a me too value proposition in a crowded market place. The payroll market is extremely fragmented with the bulk of business with small players. The market for payroll is essentially in the small and mid segment as most of the large players have developed a realtively comprehensive HR management system (HRMS).

If you are a payroll services provider, then at Mirai®, we have extremely experienced team who work with you on specific strategies that include

Some focus areas include

  • Developing sales collaterals 
  • Pre sales approval processes and templates
  • Helping you develop a rate card
  • Market segmentation & pricing
  • Sales workshop for market segmentation & penetration
  • Compliance presentations related to payroll
  • Standard pricing proposals

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Case Study

Case study 1 : 

Helping a payroll organization re map its business objectives and new business plan

Mirai's client is an established HR services provider. The client was offering many services and payroll was one of it'soutsource service offering to its clients. The client wanted to create a focus on the payroll business and set separate plans. Mirai® conducted management workshops to...

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