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Indian Staffing Federation,  the apex body representing staffing companies in India - estimates that by 2025, around 9 million people will be employed by organized temporary staffing companies. This is a quantum jump from the existing 1.3 million employed by these Companies.

Temporary staffing industry is poised to grow. However, since there are no entry barriers to this industry, the industry is highly fragmented. The key challenge is to create a value proposition and position companies within this crowded space.

Mirai® works on specific market and sales strategies for companies in this space. Mirai® positions itself as an enabler and works along with existing sales teams of its client, to identify key gaps and then draws a specific road map along with the teams to overcome these gaps.

It is an irony that even the largest staffing companies do not have adequate time to train its own personnel about the industry on a regular and ongoing basis. Mirai® complements this need of companies.

Specific areas of work that Mirai® undertakes :

  • Sales training specific for front line staffing people (compliances, financial understanding and key industry inputs). Market segmentation, creating rate cards and a clear pre sales training
  • Creating sales collaterals like brochures (content) & pre sales process documentation
  • Annual operating plans and target setting (sales)
  • Proposal writing and agreement vetting
  • Creating associate training and induction modules, keeping in mind DNA of the Client
  • Creating client training modules for  key accounts
  • Training modules on Compliances from a sales person perspective
  • Training on financial sensitivities from a sales person perspective
  • Industry perspectives to employees of staffing Companies
  • Developing standard collaterals like appointment orders, and other associate related collaterals including disciplinary mails and termination mails
  • Specific and customized value proposition (industry vertical) and presentations


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Case Study

Case study 1 : 

Strategy and implementation for an IT Staffing company to enter non IT Staffing

Our client is a mid-sized IT Staffing company.  In 2011 end, the company decided to foray into non IT staffing.   It engaged Mirai to work on a strategic road map for the foray.    Mirai worked very closely with the client  and help chalk a clear road map and...

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