Case Study

Payroll Outsourcing

Case study 2 : 

Strategic framework for a smaller payroll and compliance service provider

  • Mirai's client is an accounting firm of Chartered accountants who provide payroll and compliance services
  • Mirai® helped the client in creating specific sales collaterals like proposal template, approval template etc.,
  • The proposal drawing was completely outsourced to Mirai, which ensured a turnaround time of 12 working hours for doing a comprehensive payroll proposal for each of the client's prospect
  • Mirai® helped the client evolve specific rate charts for compliance and payroll service offering and helped create a unique selling proposition amongst its clients.
  • It helped the client by working on its e Boucher, that succinctly brought out advantages of working with a smaller organization and helped the client pitch for business with large organizations.
  • It helped the client create a clear collateral folder which helped the client compete effectively in large RFQ's and RFP's
  • It helped the client re do the web, and worked with client's web vendors for successful implementation of the web strategies.