Case Study

Temporary Staffing

Case study 3 : 

Developing business plans and a national sales team for a reputed HR services organization

Mirai's client is an established HR Services organization. The organization has been in the temporary staffing space for over six years, but has had modest growth.

Mirai works with the organization to evolve a separate market penetration strategy along with implementation.

A separate sales team of sales managers and recruiters have been identified and placed at various branch locations of the client.

Mirai works with the CEO and the national sales head , on day to day business of the organization. This is a sales outsourcing work.

Mirai has worked a comprehensive business plan ( specific to the strengths of the client) and a detailed manpower plan to implement the business plan. Mirai also handles directly the reporting of the new sales team on a daily basis. It provides regular forecasts and assists the team on day to day sales recruitments.

It has created a specific training program ( on going ) for the sales teams to address their prospects more efficiently. In the process, Mirai has helped the client evolve new proposal , agreement and collaterals formats to enhance the sales.

This is a six months assignment on a build operate and transfer module and is ongoing.