Case Study

HR Outsourcing & Services

Case study 1 : 

Comprehensive services to an MSME

Client was to engage multiple vendors for services. Mirai did a clarity workshop for client on needs and drew a clear road map for implementation of services.

Mirai helped client identify a secondary sales force strategy that will be implemented through its distributors. To this, Mirai is working on providing a policy framework and a distributor HR policy manual to help guide managing people.

Mirai is working on an Employee manual for the organization, that will be complete with policies, customized to the working environment of the client. To this, Mirai also evaluated the existing policies and compensation benchmark for similar players in the industry, some of whom were competitors to the Client.

Mirai also established a pre-sign up and post sign up process with the temporary staffing organization to ensure process mapping for the smooth running of the secondary sales force, thus mapping three parties, the client, the distributor and the staffing company through an agreed process framework.

Mirai is working on specific collaterals like employee id, associate id, associate training manual, the travel policy etc.,