Case Study

Payroll Outsourcing

Case study 1 : 

Helping a payroll organization re map its business objectives and new business plan

  • Mirai's client is an established HR services provider. The client was offering many services and payroll was one of it'soutsource service offering to its clients. The client wanted to create a focus on the payroll business and set separate plans.
  • Mirai® conducted management workshops to align the business objective. This was the first step. This helped aligning people to the organizational goals, and for the organization a clear vision of business.
  • The workshop helped the company segregate its various businesses. It also helped the client to arrive at the key strategies for each of the business services. Then last workshop helped the client to draw clear identities, objectives and strategies for business focus for each of these business services.
  • The outcome of the workshops helped the client to reposition its payroll business separating it from other businesses.
  • A clear list of key stake holders, communication to reach them, and implementing a strategy which combined various tools to communicate, helped the company re position this business
  • Part of the strategy was to revamp the web site to bring a separate focus to the business plans
  • An annual business plan was evolved, and this was further developed into quarterly, monthly targets . Series of team meetings and individual follow up with business heads, helped the company to identify immediate steps, the constraints, set priorities etc.,
  • The company has significantly increased its payroll business over the last one year
  • Mirai also helped the organization in developing a sales review mechanism and ensuring that all sales meetings were captured ( data ) . Mirai designed the daily sales report for sales team and undertook the monitoring of productivity to targets. In the process continually ensuring that knowledge was centralized and also gaps in sales team addressed through a process of training or attrition.