Case Study

Temporary Staffing

Case study 1 : 

Strategy and implementation for an IT Staffing company to enter non IT Staffing

Our client is a mid-sized IT Staffing company.  In 2011 end, the company decided to foray into non IT staffing.   It engaged Mirai to work on a strategic road map for the foray.    Mirai worked very closely with the client  and help chalk a clear road map and played a very important role in its implementation.  The various activities that Mirai did for the client under this assignment were

  •  Assessing the delivery capability for bulk staffing and also the organization’s branches.
  • Clearly working on a practical go to market strategy that was backed up by an implementation plan that Mirai had involved itself in.
  • Mirai worked on the annual plan for 12 – 13 and had the base plan in place by January 2012,  giving enough time for the client to make the necessary manpower allocation & hiring.
  • The plan clearly outlined focus industry verticals ,  their seasonality of hiring (temps) and the revenue recognition.
  • The plan clearly outlined overall targets, branch targets and individual targets to be achieved and a clear back up plan on both must and stretch targets
  • Mirai worked on the performance incentive plan and a transparent evaluation system, that was based on help to sales team whenever needed.
  • The mechanism worked on a continual go to field strategy coupled with training at regular intervals and sharing of information, that benefited the entire sales team.
  • A new team of sales people across 4 branches were shortlisted and selected by Mirai and the hiring was completed and the new team was in place by Mid February 2012.   And simultaneously,  the productivity and re allocation of existing team was done.
  • A comprehensive training module, with go to field was chalked out and Mirai worked with the team on field.  
  • Mirai put in a comprehensive reporting structure and monitored the sales team’s performance for 5 continuous month,  identifying difficulties and closures of business during this period.
  • Worked on fresh clientele mandates and also worked on proposal and client front ending during this period, to ensure that the sales team remained focused.
  • The client has given a very good testimonial on work done by Mirai and the client reached the goals in terms of number of people and revenue generation.
  • During this period, the Mirai also ensured recruitment (mass) capability building and guiding the client on 3rd party strategy to minimize costs and maximize efficiency.