About Mirai

Mirai® - the future…

Mirai® will work closely with the HR Services Industry that offer Temporary Staffing, Payroll Outsourcing and Compliance Services to their clients.

Mirai® will provide strategy and implementation support in specific areas during various stages of their growth phase.

The HR services industry has evolved into a mature league over the years. . The highly fragmented industry has fostered the spirit of entrepreneurship. Many of these businesses have partnered global organizations or aspire to do so . The new economic framework set up by the Government has prioritized industry growth signaling high opportunity for HR Services organizations. Whether it is partnering, or getting funded for growth, organizations need a lot of strategic help.

Some specific areas that Mirai® works on :

Mindshare :

. The HR Services industry is highly fragmented and companies fight this space, mostly on a "me too" value proposition.

. The challenge is to position players in this crowded market space through strategies that are practical, time bound and definitive.

. Mirai® works with companies to identify these challenges and create definite roadmap with time bound implementation plans. Mirai® works on strategies that help business work towards mindshare.

Thought leadership:

.Thought leadership space is addressed through communication strategies to key stakeholders in specific geographic regions .

. Thought leadership is done through a series of strategies that use specific communication tools that include media, non-media, business forums and opportunities to position people or organizations in a given market space.

Cost efficiency:

Mirai® understands that HR Services industries need to be cost effective in a highly competitive market space. Mirai® works with businesses in area of cost reduction without affecting efficiencies. This helps businesses to be competitive in their respective markets.

To seek specific information, please do send mails to contact@miraiindia.com